My 2018 Reading Challenge

It’s been a fun year so far in terms of reading.

I’ve been implementing more of a focus on what I enjoy, rather than some hard deadlines I would give myself for prior challenges (i.e. 100 books in the challenge two years ago — it seemed like a good idea at the time, but in hindsight, this was too much for me).

Starting on the plane on the way back from a family trip to London in January, with “Nod” by Adrian Barnes (RIP), and recently finishing up in early November with a graphic novelization of “Game of Thrones,” I’ve had time to enjoy and do a lot more deeper diving into both fiction and non-fiction.

I so appreciate our local Friends of the Library, which has a huge secondhand book sale in the spring and the fall, at which I’ve purchased at least two large paper grocery bags of paperbacks! Support your local library!

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Here’s my list so far:

(880 pages yo!)

(heartrending graphic novel by Jennifer Hayden about breast cancer)


(alert: big weeper)


I’ll read anything by Tracy Chevalier or Jodi Picoult.

To be honest I hadn’t known anything about this besides various Twitter buzz, so I was indeed fascinated by this set of stories.


I’m really enjoying this graphic novel format which was never a fave of mine before.

What a sweetheart ☺️

I have #2 in the series on my Kindle but I don’t have as great of a time reading on a device, I think I prefer printed books. 📚🌈

Remember to keep learning! Join the challenge next year and increase your knowledge (and/or enjoyment) by continuing to read.

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