Here’s my love letter to the staff, leadership, and community at EvolveAll Training and Growth Center in Arlington, VA.

EvolveAll had always been in the periphery of my knowledge ever since we moved to the area, with the idea that my husband and I might want to get one or more of our children into the program, over the years.

The facility had moved a few times within Arlington, and for one reason or another (sports, band, homework), it was only when our youngest child reached the age of a) needing some structured after-school activities, b) looking for a community…

Monica S. Flores

💚 make a positive difference: 🤖 Lullabot Technical Project Manager, ✨#femalefoundersleadtheway Founder, 🏆 NTEN Faculty, ⚡Pantheon Hero, 💨 Arcadia Ambassador

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